Update Of US laws passed in 2017 That Will Interest You

Update Of US laws passed in 2017 That Will Interest You
What is a nation without a law?. Generally law is seen as the system of rules which a particular country or community recognizes as regulating the actions of its members and which it may enforce by the imposition of penalties .Laws can also be called rules and regulations .This days you hear sayings like” rules are meant to be broken” but trust me you better keep up with those rules if you don’t want to get into trouble . Countries  pass laws every year, we will be taking a look at  the us laws passed in 2017 under the watch of Donald Trump
The united states congress  having a bicameral legislature consisting of two houses : The lower house known as the house of representatives and the upper house known as the senate ,these both houses are of equal partners in the legislative processes , once one law is passed in one house it is sent to the other house for either rejection or amendment.
Donald Trump has in recent years boasted of  signing 38 legislature  , he even went further to post on his twitter account saying :”I’ve helped pass and signed 38 legislative Bills ,mostly with no democrat support ,and gotten rid of massive amounts of regulations. nice!” .What a man.
Two laws Donald trump signed are budget related.
On June 6 Trump signed a law designating the courthouse on Church Street in Nashville , Tenn, as the Fred D . Thompson Federal Building and United States Courthouse . Thompson is known best for playing district Attorney Arthur Branch on the long-running police procedural drama Law and Order.
On May 16, Trump signed a law requiring the government to allow federal employees to user Uber ,Lyft ,Bike sharing and other forms of alternative transportation for official travel.
Their were initially 13 states in the united states , it was later expanded to  50 states in the united states , some states in the US include ,Alabama, Alaska , Arizona ,  Arkansas , California , Colorado , Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii , Idaho ,Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana ,Maine  among others.
some other US laws passed in 2017  includes;
Missouri Law 2017
In Missouri, gun owner that carry concealed weapons don’t get training or a permit.
Alabama Law 2017
In Alabama, common law marriages has been abolished leaving eight us states that permit common law marriage.
New York Law 2017
In New York, Cosmetologist are required to take classes in order to recognize signs of abuse due to domestic violence.
California Law 2017
In California, 900 Laws went into effect at the beginning of 2017, on of the laws includes, it is offensive to hold phones while driving . She also expanded its gun control effects.
Marijuana Law In Nevada
Marijuana is now legal in Nevada, The legalisation of Marijuana was part of US law passed in 2017.
In total the US laws passed in 2017 can be considered numerous but what do you expect from a nation , who other nations look up to?.  They are trying to hold up to expectations in order to reduce crimes and casualties .