Top Mesothelioma Lawyers / Attorneys in Dallas

Getting a competent Dallas mesothelioma lawyer is the right way to kick-start the fight against the company culpable of exposing people to mesothelioma disease. Treating this ailment is on the high side, it requires a lot of finances, making it necessary to get versed Dallas mesothelioma attorneys to take up your case and get enough compensation to cover the bills.

Combining treatment with filing a lawsuit will be too stressful for the patient and that is why it is better to allow a qualified Dallas mesothelioma lawyer to handle such cases. To get Dallas mesothelioma attorneys, take a look at the list below:

Disclaimer: This list is based on personal research of the author. It was complied through people’s review, experience and testimony. 

1. Baron & Budd, P.C.

They have a team of Dallas mesothelioma attorneys dedicated to protecting the right of their clients. With over 40 years experience, they have been committed to recovering the compensation of their clients. They can be consulted freely.

Location: 3102 Oak Lawn Avenue Suite 1100 Dallas, TX 75219-4283

Phone: 866-528-0634


2. Allen Stewart, P.C.

The law firm is dedicated to handling cases related to personal injury claims like mesothelioma. They have a legal team with a combined 50 years of experience to represent people who suffer serious illness after occupational or environmental exposure to toxic substances like asbestos. They have one of the best Dallas mesothelioma lawyer.

Location: Republic Center 325 North Saint Paul Street Suite 2750 Dallas, TX 75201-3849

Phone: 214-965-8700


3. The Law Firm of Aaron A. Herbert P.C.

Clients can count on this law firm to fight their case aggressively and recover their compensation for them. They have dedicated and passionate legal team. They offer free consultation.

Location: 8330 Lyndon B Johnson Fwy #700 Dallas, TX 75243

Phone: (214) 989-4609


4. Simon Greenstone Panatier Bartlett, PC

Their lawfirm is comprised of trial lawyers who creatively and aggressively represent clients with mesothelioma cases against the companies who are responsible for it.

Location: 3232 McKinney Avenue Suite 610 Dallas, TX 75204

Phone: 214-347-8225


5. DuBose Law Firm, PLLC

DuBose has over 18 years experience in handling mesothelioma cases. They have helped clients recover millions of dollars. They can be consulted for free.

Location: The Adelfa B. Callejo Building 4310 N. Central Expressway Dallas, Texas 75206

Phone: 214.389.8199


6. Reyes Browne Reilley

The lawfirm provides excellent service to their clients and attend to their legal needs and request with dedication. They provide free consultation.

Location: 5950 Berkshire Ln #410 Dallas, TX 75225

Phone: (214) 431-5652


7. Law Office of Chad West

The law firm is dedicated to protecting the rights of individuals. They have suucessfullt won lots of personal injury claims, including mesothelioma, generation over 200 million dollars in verdicts, judgements and settlements.

Location: 614 N. Bishop Ave Suite 2 Dallas, TX 75208

Phone: (214) 509-7555

8. Nemeroff Law Firm

Nemeroff Law Firm handles cases relating to mesothelioma.  The lawfirm has a reputation for its experience and knowledge in the field. They work hard to get clients the compensation they deserve. They have recovered millions in settlements. They can be consulted freely.

Location: 2626 Cole Avenue Suite 450. Dallas, Texas 75204.

Phone: 888-388-5056


9. Frenkel & Frenkel, LLP

Frenkel & Frenkel has represented people who have been injured as a result of others’ negligence. They offer free consultation and ensure full payment of compensation to their clients.

Location: 12700 Park Central Drive Suite 1900 Dallas, Texas 75251-1508

Phone: (214) 333-3333


10. Crain Lewis Brogdon, LLP

They have highly knowledgeable attorneys with over 25 years of combined experience and have handled thousands of cases. With dedication and commitment, they esnure clients’ rights are protected and also provide supportive and effective legal counsel.

Locations: 3400 Carlisle St Suite 200 Dallas, Texas 75204

Phone: (214) 301-5007