Nigeria Law On Domestic Violence

Law on domestic violence has been passed In Nigeria against Domestic Violence just like any other developing country. It is known worldwide that women and children are victims of domestic violence ranging from sexual violence ,physical violence ,emotional violence and mental violence among’st others. Although our constitution frowns against it ,yet domestic violence has shown no sign of lessening in Nigeria as there are new cases every day .Children also face domestic violence in Nigeria , this is seen as injustice and being totally unfair but the law enforcement agency hasn’t been able to put a stop to this even though its obvious they are trying .That’s why we still see some ugly stories on the news and newspaper , where a child is being hit with a rod or a child has marks of hot iron on his/her skin .Some cases has it that some girl child is being kept at home solely for sex purpose thereby denying such child her human right to education and freedom.
Domestic violence may take forms like;
Physical violence

exual violence
Nigerian law on domestic violence includes legal proceedings to persecute people who engage them selves in domestic violence.This seems to be producing less effect as cases of domestic violence hasn’t reduced according to research.


Physical domestic violence includes rape , murder , slapping and beating ,acid attack wife battering. this kind of violence is common in Nigerian homes even celebrities are a victim of this violence it causes psychological effect on the victims of this violence and their children too.


Sexual domestic violence happens to go unreported because of the stigma in brings to the victims .This kind of violence normally come in the form of rape and also research has shown that over 30.5% of married women have experienced at least one or more forms of sexual violence.In this case where a married woman face sexual violence ,The society doesn’t see it as an abuse because it is believed that a wife is meant to satisfy her husband sexually whether she wants it or not.

Now Nigerian legislative government after years of calling for a  legal decision on domestic violence in Nigeria has finally handled it, so therefore the Nigerian law on Domestic violence has it in the Section 19 of the Violence Against Persons Act 2015 : 19(1)
A person who batters his or her spouse commits an offence and is liable on conviction to a term of imprisonment not exceeding 3 years or to a fine not exceeding #200,000 or both
also the Nigerian Criminal Code Act Of 1990 also indicates that
Section 353: – ” Any person who unlawfully and indecently assaults any male person is guilty of felony and is liable to imprisonment for three years .The offender cannot be arrested without warrant.
Section 360:-“Any person who unlawfully and indecently assaults a woman or girl is guilty of a misdemeanor and is liable to imprisonment for two years.

The Nigerian constitution is against  Domestic violence so next time you are being abused in this manner or you have seen someone who is being abused do domestically, do well to report to the nearest law enforcement agency close to you because you might be helping a citizen