The Lemon Law in California

The lemon law in California is one of the strongest in America as a vehicle is considered a lemon if it could not be repaired from a life-threatening defects like brake failure after two attempts at repairing it.
The Lemon Law in California

What is Lemon Law?

Lemon law offers protection to consumers whose vehicle has a defect that is beyond the manufacturer’s warranty or defers repair after a reasonable number of attempts. Lemon law applies to any purchased vehicle with defects that affect the value, safety and use of it. Lemon laws vary by state. The lemon law in California is one of the strongest in America as a vehicle is considered a lemon if it could not be repaired from a life-threatening defects like brake failure after two attempts at repairing it.

More than many other states, the lemon law in California provides other protections such as coverage for motorcycles and ensures that manufacturers pay the attorney fees. However, the vehicle must be purchased in California for it to qualify for the protection offered by the lemon law in California.

What is Lemon Law Firms?

Lemon law firmshandle cases relating to a recently purchased vehicle having defects that is beyond the scope of the manufacturer’s warranty and cannot be repaired after many attempts.

It is not a palatable experience after a consumer purchases a dream car and it starts malfunctioning within months of purchase. Lemon law firms represent consumers with such cases and ensure they get the justice they deserve against the auto manufacturer.

However, the vehicle must have truly become lemon, that is, the defect suffered by the vehicle must have become irreparable before a lawsuit can be filed by lemon law firms and apply for breach of warranty.

Lemon Law Claims

Lemon law claims is filing a lawsuit against a manufacturer for vehicle defects that has become irreparable after a reasonable number of attempts to find solution to the problem.

A vehicle qualifies for lemon law claims only if the defect occurs within the first 18 months or 18000 mileages and the consumer must be able to prove that the manufacturer has been allowed enough attempts to repair the vehicle without any solution.

The problems must be reported in writing to the manufacturer within the stated period and should be allowed to fix it. Failure to fix the problem after many unsuccessful attempts requires the manufacturer to refund the fill purchase price for the vehicle.

Lemon Law Attorneys / Lawyers

Lemon law attorneys help consumers whose vehicles have suffered irreparable defects to file a lawsuit against the culpable auto manufacturer.

Having a vehicle ending as a lemon is not uncommon but many people are confused about how to go round it when such happens. Only lemon law attorneys can handle cases related to the lemon law because of its sensitivity as there are criteria to be met before a vehicle can qualify for a lemon.

Trying to handle the case without the help of lemon law attorneys will result in the consumer getting below what  a lemon law lawyer would have gotten. Hiring a lemon law attorney will make it easier and faster for the consumer to get his claims at no cost of his as the manufacturer is expected to pay the legal fees.

Lemon Law Firms in California

Many people are in the dark about what to do when their vehicle suffers defects that can not be repaired. The best step is to contact a lemon lawyer. Here is a list of lemon law firms in California that can be contacted:

  1. California Lemon Law Group Inc

Location: 11440 W Bernando St, San Diego, CA 92127

Phone: 855-595-3666

  1. California Lemon Lawyer

Location: 140 3rd St. Los Altos, CA 94022 USA

Phone: 408-727-8882

  1. The Anderson Law Firm – Lemon Law Attorneys

Location: 2070 N-Tusin Avenue, Santa Ana, CA 92705

Phone: 714- 410-020

  1. Lemon Law Auto Fraud – Robert Mobasseri Law Offices

Location: 515 S Figueroa St #1200, Los Angeles, CA 90071

Phone: 866-280-9638

  1. California Lemon Law Attorney, Michael R. VachonEsq

Location: 17150 Via Del Campo #204, San Diego, CA 92127

Phone: 858-674-4100

  1. Zolonz&Associates

Location: 1680 Vine St #315, Los Angeles, CA 90028

Phone: 310-247-8230

  1. Lemon Law Attorneys

Location: 1880 Park E, Los Angeles, CA 90067

Phone: 310-201-4999

  1. Norman Taylor &Associates

Location: 425, West Broadway Suite 220, Glendale CA 91204

Phone: 818-839-2501


  1. The Law Offices of Craig Zimmerman

Location: 20251 SW Acacia Street Suite 200 Newport Beach CA, 92660

Phone: 866-532-8639


  1. Law Offices of Todd M. Friedman

Location: 324 S Beverly Blvd Suite Beverly Hills California 90211

Phone: 424-285-6006