Interesting Update On US law on Treason and It’s Gravity

Interesting Update On US law on Treason and it gravity
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When a citizen is plotting against the nation or sovereign ,that citizen is termed a traitor and the act called Treason .Historically, treason is considered murder of a superior supervisor .Treason against the king is considered as high treasonwhile treason against a lesser superior is considered petty treason. In the 17th century Fawkes tried to assassinate James 1 of England but he failed and was convicted of treason and he was sentenced to be hanged, drawn and quartered .
This article takes a look at the gravity and how offensive treason is according to the US law on treason and other nations too.
In the united states , there are laws both in the federal and state level prohibiting treason and calling it a huge crime .The people of the united states owe allegiance to two sovereign which is the united states and state government .In total fourteen people has been charged with  treason , six where convicted while the remaining five were executed .In all these records none has ever  been executed as a treason to the federal government.
some people convicted and executed in the US over the years include:
Philip Vigol and John Mitchell, convicted of treason and sentenced to hanging ,they were pardoned by George Washington
John Fries ,the leader of Fries’ rebellion ,he was convicted of treason in 1800 along with two of his accomplice ,he was pardoned that same year by John Adams
Robert Henry Best was convicted of treason on April 16,1948 and served a life sentence
Mildred Gillars ,also known as ” Axis Sally” was convicted of treason on march 8,1949,served 12 years of 10 – to 30-year prison sentence.
The US law on treason on the federal level has defined treason specifically limiting it to levying war against the state or aiding the enemies of that state and conviction requires two witnesses or a confession in open court. penalty for treason here includes :Death , or not less than 5 years imprisonment and not more than life imprisonment without the possibly of parole(minimum fine of $10,000, if not sentenced to death)
The US law on treason in the state level has different penalties as their are up to 50 states in this union but one penalty they have in common is Death and a specified years of imprisonment.
The rate of treason in the United States isn’t much since the 21st century that doesn’t mean there ain’t  people thinking and plotting against their state, such people are advised to desist from such or death and some good number of years awaits them in prison.