How and Where to Get Nigerian Student Loans

How and Where to Get Nigerian student loans
Some times, students dreams about furthering their educations are being terminated maybe because their are no funds or  they are not smart enough to fit into the scheme of the tertiary educational systems . Students who think they are not smart enough drop out of school or enter into trading . Those who dream about going to school are being given opportunities like scholarship, student loans thank God to Nigerian student loan.
 Nigerian student loans is a type of loan designed to help students pay for tuition ,books and supplies and living expenses. This type of loans differ from other types of loans and also from countries to countries. A bill seeking to make Federal Government to provide loans for Nigerian undergraduates to pursue their tertiary education .This bill passed second hearing at the house of representative this should be considered a dream come true .Now Nigerian Student loans can be obtained from the government, banks ,financial institutions and NGO inclusive
Rep. Nnanna Igbokwe said during the passing of the bill “more opportunities would be given to young Nigerians who are intelligent but are having financial constraints to continue with their education”.
Apart from government students can get loans from other institutions as mentioned earlier , below are some of them
how to get loans from Skye bank
Skye gives students loans for furthering their educations .the have a package called Skye bank Edu-care account for education .This package allows parents who wants their children to study abroad save for it, such parents are required to safe at least 50 per cent of their children school fees  to qualify and their is an agreed time frame for participating parents and children to start earning from this account .To open a Skye bank Edu-care account is as simple as ABC ,go to the nearest Skye bank and ask any of the bank officials and you will be put through . For more information on the Skye bank Edu-care account do well to contact 012705848 or
how to get loan from RenMoney
In this platform their is an access of up to 4,000,000 school fees with no collateral, and 24 hours cash disbursement after loan approval. They requirements to apply are
*be between 22-59
*have a steady source of in come that is verifiable
*must be confirmed staff in place of present employment
*have a functional current or savings bank account
*have valid means of identifications be it international passport ,drivers license or national ID card
school fees loan details includes:
*maximum loan tenure 3 months
*maximum loan tenure 12 months
*interest rate :3% -5% monthly
*finance fee 3%
RenMoney is being regulated by the Central Bank of Nigeria
for more enquiries you can call their contact center line 07073666639
 After receiving loans the major concern of students are on how to repay the loan. Every bank or loan service provider has a means or way in which they expect their loan to be paid back and these means are being made known to the individuals when he/she was making the loan initially. Nigerian student loan has helped some people achieve their educational dreams and height.