Family Law; Marriage Analysis

According to our days as pupils in primary school we were taught under social studies that the union between a man and a woman is marriage,well much didn’t change from that definition as marriage still remains what we used to know back in those days apart from the western part of the world which has included same sex marriage in their constitution, although Nigerian law frowns against it.A lay man could place marriage in different types such as
Customary marriage ,
Traditional marriage.
Religious marriage
Civil marriage
Nigerian law only has three types of marriage as recognized under the law ,these types are
Statutory Marriage
Customary Marriage
Islamic Marriage.

Statutory Marriage In Nigeria

This is the kind of marriage that is designed between one man and a woman ,therefore it can be seen as a monogamous marriage  because the marriage is in exclusion of others.Monogamous marriage has been defined in section 18 of the interpretation Act as follows :
A marriage which is recognized by the law of the place where it is contracted is a voluntary union of a man and a woman to the exclusion of all others during the continuance of the marriage.
In statutory marriage like any other marriage ,there are requirements before someone can be married under this law .This requirements Includes
*Age : they must not be below the age of twenty one .
*Consent of the parents of the both parties.
*The both parties should not be related by blood in any way.
*They are given a certificate called statutory marriage certificate.

Customary Marriage In Nigeria

This kind of marriage can be seen as traditional marriage .In Nigeria ,their are many ethnic groups with different kinds of traditions ,therefore it is necessary that their ways if marriage should can be seen as polygamous marriage as the man is entitled to as many women as possible(polygamy) and also a kind of marriage where the woman is entitled to more than one man(polyandry) but this kind of marriage is rare. Some part of Nigeria practice customary marriage first before statutory marriage,Under Nigerian law on marriage this kind of practice is also legal if the  both parties  get married both in the customary way and statutory way as long as the got married to themselves in the both marriages
customary marriage has some pre-requirements too ,just like any other type of marriage ,they are as follows
*Consent of both parties and their parents
*Bride price
*Traditional rites

Islamic Marriage In Nigeria

This kind of marriage is also polygamous in nature just like customary marriage but the only difference that can be said to be in this type of marriage is that it is practiced by Muslims and it is being governed by the sharia law .they man in this marriage can take up to four wives .
for Islamic marriage to be valid it has to have the following requirements
*consent of the parties and that of their parents
*payment of Saduquat
*Solemnization of the marriage by a Mallam