Fact About Nigerian Law on Punishment

Nigerian Law on Punishment

A crime is a specific act committed  in violation of the law. The penalty to punish wrongdoings, especially for crime is called punishment. In Nigeria the rate of crime and atrocities is always increasing as each day passes by that’s the reason Nigerian law on punishment is carried out my law enforcement agencies to see if the rate of crime in Nigeria will reduce.

In Nigeria capital  punishment is a legal penalty in Nigeria, and it is capital crimes like murder, terrorism related of offences rape, robbery, kidnapping, sodomy, homosexuality, blasphemy, adultery, incest, assisting the suicide of a person legally unable to consent, treason  that attract capital punishment like hanging ,shooting and life imprisonment.

Most committed crimes in Nigeria includes;

Economic crime: this is the act of sobatage that affects the economy of a state or nation.
Advance fee fraud: here a fraudster through false pretence hoodwinks a person to make a certain payment.
Rape: this is generally defined as having sex with someone forcefully against the persons will especially using violence.
Cyber crime: this is also known as yahoo yahoo, the use of computer or other electronic devices to perpetrate criminal act.
Financial crime: this involves the illegal use of cash
Money laundering: this is a kind of crime where ill gotten wealth is transformed so that it appears legitimate
Terrorism: an act of violence which intimidate  another to attain goals that are political, ideological or religious.
Police brutality and hostility: the brutality and hostility of the police in Nigeria is  really an issue to be dealt with. Although the Nigerian law on punishment involves a role that the police in Nigeria has to play.
Bribery and corruption: bribery is an offence that involves offering something usually money to gain an illicit advantage  while corruption is an abuse of a position of trust in order to gain an undue advantage.

The crimes mentioned above have punishments according to the Nigerian law on punishment, some of the penalties/punishment includes;

Capital punishment: this is when someone is sentenced to death. This is always applied in case of murder and terrorism.
Caning: when a male offender is not Upto 17 years. The court may in substitution pass a punishment  such as canning .
Imprisonment: persons found guilty of crimes may also be sentenced to serve prison jail terms.
Fines: The court may order an offender to pay a fine.
Prerogative: The prerogative of money can be exercised in accordance with the constitution.

Nigerian law on punishment is such that the law enforcement agencies don’t look down on as the country is ranking high among countries where high rate of crime are being committed.