Car Accident Lawyers in Phoenix

Car accidents are inevitable at times. They can cause different forms of  damaging injuries to people. However, getting your full compensation should not really be a herculean task as there are experienced car accident lawyers in Phoenix ready to take up your case.

Some insurance companies may want to play a fast one on you by not paying up to what you rightly deserve and that is where the expertise of car accident lawyers in Phoenix becomes necessary.

To make things easier, here is a list of car accident lawyers in Phoenix that will advocate your case with aggression and ensure full payments of your compensation.

Disclaimer: This list is based on personal research of the author. It was complied through people’s review, experience and testimony.  

  1. Gary Phillips Accident Law


Their lawyers handle every case of car accident perfectly. They offer free consultation and provide exemplary legal counsel.

Location: 1212 E Osborn Road, Phoenix, AZ 85014-5533

Phone: 602-842-6624



  1. Kelly Law Team


They handle all sorts of car accidents cases and offer free consultation until their clients’ compensations are paid. They provide adequate counsel at each of clients cases.

Location: 1 E, Washington Street, Suite 500 Phoenix, AZ 85004

Phone: 602-283-4122



  1. Mayes Telles PLLC

They provide free evaluation of cases. They are highly experienced and compassionate personal injury law firm which advocates for the right of their clients in any type of car accident.

Location: 3636 North Central Avenue, Suite 1000 Phoenix, AZ 85012

Phone: 602-428-7104



  1. Tucker & Miller

They have attorneys that handle a wide range of personal injury cases, including auto accident cases and have recovered million of dollars for their clients. They do not charge for initial consultation until clients have been paid.

Location: 1440 E Missouri Avenue Suite C150 Phoenix, AZ 85014




  1. Law Office of Paul Englander, PLC

They help victims to fight and recover what they deserve and their records of cases won speak for them. They offer free initial consultation and provide legal counsel at each stage of the case.

Location: 1440 E Missouri Avenue Suite 265 Phoenix, AZ 85014-2462

Phone: 888-336-4521



  1. Hirsch and Lyon PLLC

They are committed to helping injured persons in auto accidents to fight their cases and get their compensation. They do not charge any fee till they recover their clients’ rights.

Location: 1212 E. Osborn Road Phoenix, AZ 85014

Phone: 602-842-6679



  1. Timothy J. Casey

This law firm boasts of attorneys with extensive trial experience in auto accident cases.

Location: 1221 E. Osborn Road, Suite 105 Phoenix, AZ 85014-5540

Phone: 602-842-6210



  1. Coughlon Law Firm PLLC


They have highly experienced lawyers that handle every case of car accident and they provide top-notch legal representation during each stage of the client’s case. They offer free consultation

Location: 531, E. Thomas Road, Suite 101 Phoenix, AZ 85012

Phone: 602-636-0800



  1. Ortega Law Firm


They help to seek justice. They have attorneys with extensive experience in dealing with car accidents and pursue maximum compensation for injury. They do not charge any fee till they have won the case.

Location: 361 East Coronado Road, Suite 101 Phoenix, AZ 85004-1525

Phone: 480-582-0981



  1. Suzuki Law Office LLC


They have successfully handled hundreds of lawsuits for car accident victims and will not charge any fee until  client’s have been fully paid.

Location: 2929 East Camelback Road Suite 224, Phoenix, AZ 85016-4426

Phone: 602-842-67628