Black Box Insurance Quotes For Young Drivers

Our insurance quotes for young drivers are for Telematics insurance policies, and require a black box be fitted to your vehicle to monitor how well you drive. If cost is an issue for you, then a Black Box insurance policy could be perfect, because in return for having your driving monitored, your insurer will reward you with a lower insurance premium.

Our Black Box insurance quotes for young drivers are aimed at responsible, safe drivers that want to prove and improve their ability in return for a cheaper premium, and are offered on a Comprehensive basis, meaning that should something happen, you and your vehicle will be covered.

Other insurance brokers may offer quotes for Third Party Only Young Driver insurance policies, but this would only cover you for any damage to other people’s vehicles if you were to have an accident, and not your own car, and this is the legal minimum level of cover required. You have to ask yourself if something happened to your car and it wasn’t covered, could you afford to replace it or live without it? If the answer is “No”, then you should consider a different policy.

Likewise, some brokers may offer Third Party, Fire & Theft Young Driver insurance quotes which would also cover your car if it was stolen or caught on fire, though again, this wouldn’t cover your car if you were involved in an accident, and isn’t something we offer.

If you want to be fully covered then you would need to purchase Comprehensive insurance, as this would cover all of the above, plus in the event you were involved in an accident and were deemed to be at fault, it would mean the costs to repair or replace your vehicle would also be covered.