Amazing Story of the Barrister Dad and His Barrister Son…Funny Story

Photo Credit to Birminghammail
The Barrister Dad and his Barrister Son
His father yelled, “You idiot! We’ve been living on the funding of that case for the past 10years”
That was Barrister Ted yelling….
Barrister Ted law firm was unarguably the best in all of Chicago. His eloquence and logical presentation of facts was unparalleled and unrivalled. He was blessed with a knack for spotting loopholes in cases and exploiting them to fullest and when those loopholes are not available, Ted had no issues distorting and twisting facts to aid his cause.
One of Ted’s flaws however is his tendency to let even the most easiest of cases drag on. People had not always taken it seriously because according to some “as long as he won the case it doesn’t matter how long it takes”.
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