2017 Top Review on FBC Home Loans

2017 Top Review on FBC Home Loans

What is Home Loan?

Home loans refer to the amount of money borrowed from a bank or any lending financial institution like FBC Home Loans to purchase a house. Home loans can also be acquired to buy a plot of land to construct a house or to renovate and repair an existing house.

Home loans can also be referred to as mortgage loans and consist of adjustable or fixed interest rate and payments terms. Usually banks or financial institution will check the eligibility of the borrower, which majorly depends on his repayment ability, before giving out the loans.

The borrower’s repayment ability is based on his monthly surplus income which is calculated by deducting his total monthly expenses from his total monthly income.

FBC Home Loans

FBC Home Loan is a licensed and one of the highly-rated home loans companies in USA with their headquarters in Orlando, Florida. They are licensed to operate and have branches in 23 states with a large customers and partners base, including many big real estate firms.

Established in 2005, FBC are still driven by the desire to be much better despite good recommendations. They provide their customers with one of the best competitive fixed and adjustable rates and different extensive loan products in the industry.

They has a team of professional with combined 50 years of experience and are experts in various areas of home loans which are available for first time home buyers or existing home owners looking for finance loan. They provide both online and offline services.

Their services have made them to be one of the most talked about home loans  institution on national media outlets and have received many prestigious awards, including Top Company for Working Families, Outstanding Small Business, Top 100 Mortgage Company in  US, 5 Star rating on RateYourLender and Best in Loan Delivery.

There is no industry without competition and in the financial industry CitiMortgage, Bank of America Home Loans, Chase Mortgage, LendingTree and Quicken Loans are among FBC Home Loans top competitors.

A large percentage of their customers have expressed satisfaction with their services, have good feedback about them and would recommend them to others.There are reports of tremendous customer service, fast processing time, and prompt reply from staff.

Their professionalism and the absence of middle men stand them out among their competitors as well as their support to local charitable organizations both in kind and in cash.

What intrigues me about the company is their great customer service which is arguably the strength of any company because customer is king. And for FBC Home Loan, their good human relationships have put them ahead of their rivals like  in the industry.