10 Best Car Accident Lawyer Augusta, Consult A Lawyer For Free Today

List 10 Best Car Accident Lawyer Augusta with free consultation
10 Best Car Accident Lawyer Augusta with free consultation

Car accidents cannot be separated from everyday occurrences. Though not a good omen, it is unavoidable in some cases. And some always do come with lost of loved ones in a crash. It will, however, amount to double loss if one is denied one’s claim by the other party. This is where is it is necessary to employ the service of a competent car accident lawyer Augusta.

A car accident lawyer Augusta will help handle cases that are beyond your scope and capacity and ensure full payments of compensations.

List of 10 Best Car Accident Lawyer Augusta

Disclaimer: This list is based on personal research of the author. It was complied through people’s review, experience and testimony.  

1. Chuck Pardue

The law firm boasts of experienced attorneys that represent the interests of their clients and ensure that they are fully compensated. They offer free consultation.

Location: 211B Bobby Jones Expressway Martinez, GA 30907

Phone: 706-823-2000

Website: www.chuckparduelaw.com

2. Floyd Leopard & Blake

They offer free consultation and put up an aggressive fight to protect their clients’ interests andget their rights fully recovered.

Location: 461, Greene Street Augusta, GA 30901-1634

Phone: 706-303-1874

Website: www.greenestreetlaw.com

3. Mills & Hoopes, LLC

The attorneys at Mills and Hoopes are on top as they aggressively advocate for the rights and compensation. Their initial consultation is free.

Location: 1550 North Brown Road, Suite 130, Lawrenceville, GA 30043-8154

Phone: 678-373-4220

Website: www.millshoopeslaw.com

4. Jones & Swanson

They have brilliant and experienced attorneys to take up clients case and ensure full payment of compensation. They have more than a decade experience under their belt. Their initial consultation is free

Location: 635 Whitlock Avenue SW Marietta, GA 30064

Phone: 877-685-2624

Website: www.awjlaw.com

5. Burnside Law Firm, LLP

At Burnside, attorneys offer clients the best service by fighting your case to ensure that you are not cheated and receive your claims in full. They can be consulted freely

Location: 2919 Professional Pkwg Augusta, GA 30907

Phone: 706-432-8320

Website: www.burnsidefirm.com

6. Jarrett & Price

They do not charge any fee till they have helped clients claimed their right. They have the right bargaining sense and have records of successful settlements.

Location: 327 Eisenhower Dr. Suite 200, Savannah, GA 31406

Phone: 912-712-2818

Website: www.jarrettfirm.com

7. Connor & Connor, LLC

At Connor protecting their clients interest is their prioroty and they enusre that they get their compensation in full. No fee is charged till they won.

Location: 507 Courthouse Lane Augusta, GA 30901-2447

Phone: 706-993-4004

Website: www.theconnorfirm.com

8. Fred M. Kennedy, P.C

This law firm has been around for a while and have successfully handled lots of car accidents. Theu do not charge any fee till their clients claimed their rights.

Location: 404 5th Street, Augusta, GA 30901-1402

Phone: 706-993-1163

Website: www.augusta-lawfirm.com

9. Goolsby Law Firm LLC

This law firm has a proven record of successful settlements for their clients. They offer free consultation and protect the interests of their clients.

Location: 4416 Columbia Road Suite 100 Martinez, GA 30907

Phone: 706-250-8566

Website: www.goolsbylawfirm.com

10. Butler Wooten & Peak LLP

With decades of experience in handling car accidents, clients can be rest assured of getting the legal counsel and backing. They advocate the payment of clients compensation and charge no fee until they have achieved that.

Location: 2719 Buford Highway Atlanta, GA 30324

Phone: 800-242-2962

Website: www.butlerwooten.com